Christmas Cactus – How To

Normally, I’m the person that waits til December 1st before uttering a word about Christmas. But after the year we had, I’m in the mood a bit early. I’ve been working on all things Christmas. From paints to little paintings it’s all coming soon. To get y’all in the spirit with me, I put together a little step by step so you can create a little Christmas cactus too!

Step number 1, create the bases.Create a half circle using your lightest green.

Now create your next little warped circle. Make sure to go up and down with your paint strokes. This gives the illusion of the veins of the plant.

Keep going!

Step 2, using our darkest red. First let’s start with the pot. Using less pigment and more water create the shape. Then, slowly add more pigment on top of the shape and allow your colors to mix. This adds a fun variegated look!Next, using a high amount of pigment, draw the string for our lights. Draw your lines slightly curved to show the weight of the lights.

Step 3, drawing the thorns/spines. Using your darkest green and a very thin brush create little lines all across your cactus (be careful to make these random and not like fence posts!).

Step 4, finish your cactus by adding the lights. Using a dark red and green, create some ovals with a sharp edge. I made my lights go every other but feel free to make it your own and add another color in there! Create an even space between your lights but change up the direction of your lights. Have some facing down and others facing up!

And that’s it, you‘re very own Christmas cactus. I finished mine by adding some watercolor splashes!
I hoped you enjoyed this post. I used my peppermint scented watercolors to create this painting. They can be found at my Etsy shop TheSmilingHippo.Etsy.Com or check out my products page for a direct link!

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