Watercolor – Easy Designs

Cactus, lemon, leaves, flowers aesthetic painting

Y’all, how cute did this little canvas painting turn out? Today I’m going to be teaching you how to create all these little designs so you can use them in your own masterpiece! Ready? Then let’s get started.

How to draw a pineapple

First, we have this friendly little pineapple. Take your darkest desired color and add some spots. Then, use a lighter color and add some more. Repeat this process until your pineapple is full of color. Next, add some strategically places lines. Thicken the lines up, but don’t connect them to add personality to your painting. Of course, if desired you can connect them. This is YOUR masterpiece.

How to draw a branch

Next up, we will be painting the classic branch. I used an old canvas for this project. So as we work, you may notice some stray, old marks. This just goes to show you even the messiest of canvases can be turned into something beautiful. Back to the branch, first you will add a line where desired. Add your leaves slightly below the one before it. Make sure to turn your stem on top into a leaf (3rd photo). This is one little drawing I’m sure you will use heavily in your artwork.

How to draw lemons

Leeemmmooonnnsss! Can you tell I love lemons? Let‘s learn to draw a little branch of them. First, add your lemons in clumps or singles. Next, place some leaves as a guide on where you want your branches to lead. Last, add your branches. Be carful to leave some gaps to show if the branch is behind/in front of the leaves and lemons. These lemons have to be my favorite sketch of all of the one’s we have learned today.

How to draw a flower

The classic little flower. Take a light pink (or desired color) and add some strategically placed strokes. Add two thin strokes to the edge of your flower. Next, use a heavily pigmented green to paint on top of your flower and add two leaves covering the bottom of the petals. Add a curved stem, along with some more leaves. Finally, take a dark yellow and add some pollen coming out of the top of the flower. Then you’re done!

How to draw a cactus

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