Watercolor Ideas

Painting of a tiger using watercolor

Well, here we are. The final chapter of our watercolor journey. I‘m not crying you are! For this final post I thought we’d go over some practical uses for all the skills we have learned.

Skill number one, card making. I love receiving gifts that take thought and time, painting your own card will receive just this effect. Not to mention if you sell your artwork, it’s like the customer is receiving a mini painting.

Notes from church painted over with watercolor

Skill number two, journaling. Even a simple watercolor background turns your memories into amazing looking journaling. I love taking my notes from church and going back through and dressing them up. That way it gives me time to reflect on them and is more eye catching the next time I go back and read.

Painting of paris

Skill number three, photo moments. Ever sit in front of a view and think wow, I want to remember this. With the skills you’ve learned you can! Taking the time to paint that view in person makes that memory stick with you forever. I still remember the sky line of Paris I had the opportunity to paint. Those moments are simply magical!

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