Watercolor – Using Glitter

Ok, I know glitter can be a little off putting for artists. We all know glitter in abstract art looks great, but what other uses does glitter have in artwork? Well friend let me give you some ideas….

Watercolor and ink portraits This method is one of my favorites. It allows you to combine abstract and realism to create a truly modern piece. Plus it’s so easy to throw in a little glitter! It truly adds to the piece and gives it a galaxy feel.

FloralsFor simple florals I love using glitter and metallics. It adds such a fun and creative vibe to each piece!

Home decor and signage piecesI love creating decor for homes and adding a bit of glitter makes the piece that much more beautiful!

Cards and stationary

Receiving a handmade card is awesome right? Receiving a handmade card WITH GLITTER?! Now that’s just amazing. It adds such a fun touch to the recipient and separates you from all the boring cards sent everyday.

Well, we’ve reached the end of this blog post friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I’ve sparked some ideas for you! Feel free to reach out with what you come up with. I truly love hanging out and talking with other artists. It’s why I do what I do!

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