Abstract- How To

Metallic is my favorite form of watercolor. It catches your eye and even on simplistic pieces it turns them into so much more. I used metallics for this art piece but you can use whatever you love! Now without further a-due let’s get started.

Step one, let’s collect our tools! For this piece I used my gold and copper half pans. Grab them here (https://etsy.me/3qaQuL7). Along with a gold metallic marker I picked up from the dollar tree, any color will do even a black sharpie!

First step is using our gold. Use the wet on wet method and keep adding layers using more pigment to create a darker look. Find my wet on wet how to in my technique blog post here (https://thesmilinghipposhop.com/2020/12/23/my-daily-planner/) Keep it loose and create a cloud like shape.

Using copper do the same. I brought my color to the end of the page to balance out the lines (next step) but feel free to experiment with your own balance and form!

Time to start adding our lines. Create a series of four ( or more ) to give your lines some direction! Remember to stay loose and go with the flow.

Now create a series of vertical lines to go through your horizontal. The wackier the better!

Pick a “square” and draw more lines within that square going in the same direction.

In the square next to it draw more lines connecting the lines above to the box below but switch up the direction.

When you are working with 2 or more squares make sure to connect the lines. No line should have a loose end!

Keep going!

And with that… we are finished!

I hope you loved this how to. Feel free to reach out or leave a comment with what you’d like to see next! Keep arting my friends, until next time!

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