3 Things You NEED In Your Instagram Bio.

Please don’t make these mistakes like I did starting out!

“Use my knowledge, I beg you!” -Emperor Palpatine

Ok, maybe not the best quote (I promise I’m not using your bio to take over the galaxy) I TRULY want to help you and your art take off the way I know you deserve! Ok, let’s get down to business.

Number 1.

Create. A. Website. Then put it in as the link in your bio!

I know I know, this one is going to take some time but if you’re truly serious about your art MAKE TIME. A website takes your art from hobby to professional in just a couple hours. Use a website creating app like godaddy or WordPress if you’re just starting out to make things easier. I used godaddy for the first years of my business and LOVED IT. However, it is pricy to connect your own domain. I switched to WordPress (you’re at my site right now) their prices were more reasonable and it’s great for blogging!

What you’ll want on your site…. this truly depends on your passion, customs? Pieces for sale? Blogging? Put yourself inside your customer’s shoes, what do you want them to see?

Basically put, you’ll want a portfolio (your best artwork), a customs policy (up front costs, open/closed), and a way to contact you!

Number 2.

Don’t talk about yourself in your bio.

Ok, I always say be 100% yourself but when someone comes across your bio, sorry to say but they don’t care about you…. yet. They care about themselves!! What can you offer them???

Instead of….

“Hi! My names Tracy and I love painting photos of dogs, 22, pet mom, painting for 5 years!”


“Custom pet portraits. 10% of every sale goes to help orphaned puppies. Follow me for daily cuteness!”

See the difference? Here’s a breakdown of everything your bio should include… 1. Your values (we can clearly see Tracy loves dogs!) 2. What you offer (Pet portraits and feeling great because you support orphaned pups!) 3. Call to action (We follow Tracy to continue seeing puppy cuteness).

Number 3.

Don’t put “DM for customs/collabs” in your bio!

So much wasted time! Instead, put all the info someone could need onto your website (check out the customs page on this site for an example). I don’t currently offer Collab opportunities, but if you do put them down! This will save you so much time in the long run. If someone has a question or wants a custom send them a link to your site page, this saves you the time from typing everything out only to be ghosted by the client. It will also force you to think about prices before hand and you won’t have the stress of coming up with pricing on the spot.

And that’s it! 3 tips to help better your bio. I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you take any action, send me links to your site and Instagram pages so I can check it out and be so proud of you. You’re making your dreams come true, and I can’t wait to see you become the next Leonardo Di Vinci!

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