BTS Cruella Watercolor

Have you ever wondered where to start when shopping for TheSmilingHippo watercolors?? I got you! These are a few of my personal favorites and I use them daily in my art.

First we have metallic peachy from the Sweetheart series. This is my number one color choice for Caucasian skin tones. She’s great for a base and light enough so you can layer other colors on top of her.
Dark lavender scented is another favorite. I love using my lavender colors at night. The scent is perfect and so relaxing. I use her for my dark shadows and she blends beautifully.
Next we have our classic metallic black. This is perfect for when you need a bit of black in your composition but you don’t want it very strong. It adds a subtle hint and a gorgeous shine.
My absolute favorite…. Athena from the guardian series. She has a beautiful tone and can go from light to dark really quickly. I use her for all my red lip work.
Ok, I lied…. this is my favorite watercolor I’ve ever made. Galaxy glitter black, highly pigmented he is super duper dark and the glitter is potent and adds such a fun touch to any composition.
Textured white, she is sold out, but I have a textured base up so you can mix your own colors into it. I use this one for my whites, it offers a different tone from the canvas while adding a bit of fun texture into it!
I continued using my Athena for the glove, textured white and Galaxy black for the blouse, and used seaweed sands for her cigar.
And here she is!

I hope you liked this blog post and learning a bit about my watercolors. Fun fact… I always keep one of ever color I make, and I only use my watercolors for my compositions! I love my quality and every colorway is unique which helps add to my artistic style. Here’s the link to my Etsy shop to check out these watercolors for yourself.

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