Finding Inspiration

I feel like writer`s block gets discussed all the time, but no one really mentions artist`s block. But it is a real thing, right? I know if you`re like me, you have probably had a couple times in your life where you just sit in front of a sheet of paper that is as blank as your mind. However, I have found a couple of tactics that I use to find inspiration when I am struggling to create.

Number #1: Walk in nature. Some of my favorite parts of the day is walking around my beautiful college campus where I see colorful flowers and trees blooming with the Spring. I have often found many ideas for my artwork on my simple walks.

Number #2: Listen to music. Honestly, I am not a big fan of music, but it is a great resource when my creativity is stifling. Jean Pederson, writer at Artists Network, highly encourages artists to listen to music while creating art. He says, “As you listen, think about what the music is telling you. Then react to the music in your color choices and mark making…The music will orchestrate your bushes and create artistic sheet music to represent what you felt through that music.”

Now, the next time you face Artist`s block, you can find your creativity again by walking through nature and/or listen to some music!

  1. For music suggestions for painting, check out my Spotify music playlist Here.
  2. Also, check out my next blog post for more specific applications of combining art and music.

For more on the relationship between art and music, check out: Music and Painting, A Harmonious Relationship | Artists Network.

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