Keeping Organized

After your 10th trip to Hobby Lobby for those discounted paint brushes, your work space tends to get pretty crowded with all these artist essentials. If you`re like me, your desk is piled up with different paints, brushes, and oils that you collect and use for creating beautiful art. However, having all of these materials overflowing into your work space can sometimes be overwhelming. According to Elizabeth King, editor at the Huff Post, “Working in a clustered and messy environment has the ability to keep you distracted and in most cases, create negative energy.”

In order to avoid these distractions and negative feelings, I`m going to give you a couple of suggestions about how to organize your work space that have really benefited me. The first one is using storage boxes and containers. These really help me keep my paints and different supplies organized, so I can easily grab the right colors of paints I need for my current painting. The second one is removing anything unnecessary off of the desk or even out of the work room. Maybe that pile of pens you use occasionally should be moved to the kitchen, leaving more space on your desk for necessary supplies. I keep my extra supplies in bins to the side of my room, so my whole work area is less cluttered. Hopefully using these suggestions will help you declutter your work space and help you have a more positive and focused mindset for creating art. If you want to peak at what I use for organization check out my Amazon list.

For more tips on how to have an organized work space, check out :

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