Using Music for Art

Ever find yourself lost in music and in your own world? The same thing can happen as an artist too. I know I have found myself painting for just a few minutes and then…a masterpiece happens three hours later! Both music and art can transport our senses and make us see the world around us in different ways, so why not combine the two and see what happens? According to Jenny Higgins at Stage Music Center, “We cannot disregard or jettison the linkage between music and painting. Instead, we should embrace this bond between these two fields of art.” Jenny suggests listening to different genres of music to see the different outcomes that your painting may have.

Another suggestion by Jenny is listening to music types that reflect the mood you want in your painting. For example, if you want a light and happy mood in your painting, listen to music that makes you bounce along to the beat a little in your seat. One of my favorite artists I listen to when I want to be in a happy mood is Taylor Swift. The opposite is true as well. If you want to create artwork that reveals a more contemplative, sadder tone, then listen to music that makes you think or reach for the Kleenex box. One of the artists I use for this tone is Billy Eilish. Whatever songs or artists you like, I encourage you to explore and see what artwork you create while listening to these songs.

Fun fact, I was actually listening to Taylor’s new album when I came up with my Llama Love Magnet, crazy, right? It’s amazing where music can take you!

For more about how music affects art, check out: Music and Arts…Painting from Music. 

Also, tune in next blog post to learn about a famous artist who implemented music into his paintings in most unusual ways.

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