Artist Spotlight – Kandinsky

If I asked you what the difference between green and blue was, what would you say? Hard to describe, right? That’s because colors seem so hard to grasp, yet they are what makes life beautiful. A famous artist Wassily Kadinsky seemed to think so, and held the “conviction that each colour had a mysterious life of its own” (Britannica). Today, let`s discuss Kandinsky and what made him quite an influential artist. Kandinsky is such a remarkable artist, because he used abstract painting to describe “the abstract “language” of music” (Britannica). He believed music and art were related and often labeled his art pieces after musical compositions. 

Composition VII

Kandinsky highlighted abstractism in his artwork, and he had a reason for this. “As an art theorist, he saw many connections between the way that music and abstract art can reach pure feelings and emotions – better, he felt, than realistic pieces” (Seelinger). This artist truly believed that spontaneous abstract pieces really captured the heart of music put onto paper. Kandinsky has many beautiful art pieces, including the one below Improvisation 27:

I encourage you to go check out some of Kandinsky`s artwork on the web for inspiration on how you can use art and music together or use different colors in abstract paintings. Learning from famous artists` artwork is so important for creating your own style of painting.

My Sources:

Britannica Info on Kandinsky

10 Artworks by Kandinsky You Should Know by Lani Seelinger

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