Keeping a Sketchbook

If at first you don’t succeed, watch the Office series for the 5th time. Well, I may have made that up, but trying again is important too. There is no better way to try again and experiment than with an artist’s sketchbook. I love using a sketchbook, because it allows me to be more creative and test ideas or materials. According to the Milan Art Institute, a sketchbook “allows artists to experiment to see how each different media handles, particularly if they mix different media together.” Using a sketchbook is a great way to play around with different paints, markers, or others! If you`re unsure if you want to start painting faces or drawing trees, try it in a sketchbook! It can be your own personal book or you can share your paintings with your friends.

Not only can having a sketchbook be influential for experimenting with different media and honing your artist skills, using a sketchbook is just plain fun. There is no pressure to be perfect when working in your sketchbook. The Milan Art Institute believes, “Mastering your art skills does take practice and determination, but even the most disciplined approach to art mastery should include space for joy and fun.” A sketchbook is really helpful when art seems to become a chore in your life. Doing art for fun again in a sketchbook will help your passion for art to come alive again on these pages. I highly recommend using a sketchbook, and I use mine almost every day to play around with different ideas that I have. 

For more on using a sketchbook, check out the Milan Art Institute

Need a sketchbook? Check out my personal favorites from My Amazon Favorites page!

Thank you for stopping by, I’ll see you next week!

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