Supporting small businesses on a budget.

See all these cute businesses and want to support them but you can’t?! I got you.

1. Share their products! You may not be able to support them but maybe you have a friend who can. Sharing also brings encouragement to the seller and helps shoot them up within the algorithm.

2. Ask if they offer a payment plan option. Most shops these days have one. If the shop is on Etsy, Etsy has a program where you’re able to split payments into four, just select the option during checkout.

3. Offer your services. DO NOT ask for free products. However many smaller shops may offer a discount if you deliver them with an unboxing video, photographs of the product in use, content they can use across their platforms. This will vary across shops so if your shop says no don’t get upset, simply support them another way.

4. Save up and wait. Especially during holidays many shops will run sales. Wait for these dates and perhaps you’ll be able to pick up something for a discount!

5. I know it’s cheesy but like and comment on their content! It doesn’t do much but it truly boosts the spirit of the seller and gives them the courage to carry on.

Well, there you go! 5 easy ways to show your love and support to small businesses. I hope this post sparked some ideas! Now go show some love❤️❤️❤️

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