Axolotl How-To

Tools you need…. Watercolor (or thick) paper for watercolors, a pencil, brushes, your desired watercolors, and a pallet for mixing (if desired).

Time to sketch out our Axolotl! Use the following photos for a step by step guide or freestyle it!

And there he is! Now to paint him. Choose three colors you desire to use. I’ll be using my colorways More than a Horse, StarLust, and Blush.

Use your lightest color to paint the body. (More than a Horse contains gems which I loved using for a bit of added texture, your watercolors may not have this added).

Next, use your second to darkest color for the cheeks.

Finally, use your darkest color for the details!

Time to finish up your Axolotl! I use a black sharpie to finish him off, but you can use watercolor or a metallic marker if you prefer.

I can’t wait to see your finished Axolotl. If you post him on Instagram tag me so I can see! (@TheSmilingHippo) Until next week my friend.

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