A one woman show over here. Creating, designing, marketing, editing, shipping and so much more. Sometimes the load can be a bit much, but you make every little thing I do for my business worth it. There’s nowhere else is rather be!

My Start

I’ve always had an eye for art. Drawing outside the lines and sketching all day everyday. But it was a Chemistry class in high school when I truly found I had a heart for teaching, which would launch me towards a career in Art Ed. Being able to see my fellow classmates light up while I taught them set me on my career path. Being able to teach others a subject I love with all my heart truly is the best of both worlds.

My trip to Europe

My junior year of high school I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Europe with my Art History class. This trip opened my eyes to so many experiences and opened my eyes to my love of traveling and art.


The COVID-19 virus has affected my journey in a lot of different ways (class of 2020 whoop whoop!), but none so much as my artistic journey. It gave me the chance to truly work on art in my own time and I was able to express who I was through it instead of simply being given an assignment.

Which brings us to today…

I want to use my business in a way to teach others about the power in art. It’s an outlet for a creative spirit and especially in the world today, we need a good outlet to get emotions out. Through my spirit to my products I want to help guide and teach you how to create your work in a powerful way.

Well, that’s me! I’d love to get to know more about you, feel free to reach out and follow me on insta @TheSmilingHippo we’ll have fun, promise!

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