Ocean Cove Set

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Heimdall - you all know this one is my favorite. Gold leaf, gold glitter, and mixed jewels with a beautifully bronze watercolor base? Perfection. Land Ho - this watercolor is a mix of three different colorways... one contains glitter, another contains sand, and another contains gold leaf. You can mix them together, create an ombré effect, or use them separately. This color also contains a hidden stone to uncover, hence the name... Land Ho. Journey- this colorway features a very soft blue with tiny glitter and gold leaf. The glitter offers a subtle hint while the gold leaf peaks through adding depth and texture. Wishful - this colorway is a transparent glitter mix perfect for adding finishing touches and fine details. A holographic chunky pink glitter with a bit of dark pink mixed in. Iceland - this icy blue has gold leaf, glitter, and jewels mixed in. Chunky glitter used so it sparkles when shown, or you can paint over it to give a bubbly texture as you can see here. Buried Treasure - this beauty was started by placing gold leaf, glitter, and jewels to the bottom of the pan, then pouring a bronze color on top. ✨My New Recipe... This is my first launch containing my new recipe. It’s a mix of honey, glycerin, water, sodium benzoate (preservative), and gum Arabic (binder). My new recipe is amazing, my testers have told me it’s better than my honey bases (and not sticky like the honey base). I simply can’t wait for you to try these watercolors.✨