Rainbow Encouraging Pallet

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25 metallic pallet set. Every watercolor in this set is my new recipe! This is why it’s a bit more expensive because of the time it takes to create. The twin of this pallet I kept for myself because she’s so perfect. Every color I need in reach! (P.S. I keep a dark gray halfpan in the pallet too and it fits perfectly.) Name card is sealed so you can use the lid as a mixing pallet. Perfect for travel. Every watercolor is hand mixed and created with love and care! Perfect travel size. These paints come in a reusable plastic container. Therefore instead of tossing them out, simply refill them with your favorite color and you’re set! ✨My New Recipe... It’s a mix of honey, glycerin, water, sodium benzoate (preservative), and gum Arabic (binder). My new recipe is amazing, my testers have told me it’s better than my honey bases (and not sticky like the honey base). I simply can’t wait for you to try these watercolors.✨