Water brush (one) - student grade

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I get a lot of questions for brush recommendations so I’ve decided to start selling them on my site to make it easier for you to shop! 

These are Idiy brand Student Grade brushes. Included is one brush (you select the size while adding to your cart).

Student grade means these brushes aren’t the highest quality. However, these are my favorite brushes to use for my glitter watercolors (Seriously, I use them all the time!) and here’s why. 

1. Glitter can get into the bristles and mess them up. This means you don’t want to use your fancy brushes! These brushes are perfect to have on hand even if you are a professional artist just to use with the glitter watercolors.

2. They’re perfect for beginners. When you’re just starting out and not looking for anything fancy these are great! I’m well into my art career and find I’m still not looking for anything fancy lol.

3. Water brushes are perfect for on the go! You don’t have to worry about carrying water around with you because it’s stored right in your brush! 








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