How Meditation is Brain Changing

When you think of meditation, images of people sitting on yoga mats in the middle of a park might first come to your mind. Actually, meditation can happen anywhere, since all you need is time and your brain. There has been a big push in meditation in society recently, and I know a question youContinue reading “How Meditation is Brain Changing”

Supporting small businesses on a budget.

See all these cute businesses and want to support them but you can’t?! I got you. 1. Share their products! You may not be able to support them but maybe you have a friend who can. Sharing also brings encouragement to the seller and helps shoot them up within the algorithm. 2. Ask if theyContinue reading “Supporting small businesses on a budget.”

Creating a Simple Border

Ok, I’m not a great calligrapher (or… a calligrapher at all actually…) but sometimes I have a fun word or a great quote I want to paint. Today I’m going to take you through the basics of creating a great border for your word/words! This helps tie in your entire piece and show off yourContinue reading “Creating a Simple Border”

Watercolor Hibiscus- How To

This Hibiscus is such an elegant piece and you can play with it a lot of different ways! I hope you enjoy this how-to. When you’re finished tag me on social media or send me a photo! I’d simply love to see. Now without further adue, let’s get started! Step 1- mix up your colors!Continue reading “Watercolor Hibiscus- How To”

Christmas Cactus – How To

Normally, I’m the person that waits til December 1st before uttering a word about Christmas. But after the year we had, I’m in the mood a bit early. I’ve been working on all things Christmas. From paints to little paintings it’s all coming soon. To get y’all in the spirit with me, I put togetherContinue reading “Christmas Cactus – How To”